Driving in a Post-Brexit World

Driving in a Post-Brexit World

The post is long-form and includes significant detail about UK number plate law after Brexit as well EU COVID prompts significantly more confusion over how it has changed in 2021

What are the driving rules in green-listed countries?

In case you’re anticipating getting behind the wheel of your car since limitations are fostering, then there’s a lot that folks need to know. First off, at least for those heading towards The Balearic Islands (which means anywhere from Ibiza and Mallorca all through Menorca), then they should really observe Spanish law– which is more than 18 years old or holds an International Driving Permit with validation as identification documentations required by some governments but not others! It truly depends on where exactly one plans on traveling when visiting this region of Europe; however, I’m guessing most will want their own UK vehicle after touring around these wonderful islands so make sure yours meets any

Is my UK Driving License Still Valid in the EU after Brexit?

A short reply – yes. Your driving permit is as yet legitimate inside the EU if you’re from Great Britain, but assuming that instead of having a card form with your photograph on it or being issued an actual paper one at some point when younger (or getting newer), all we have now been given by our government since before October 31st 2016 has been a sheet without any spaces to write information about ourselves and where they live/work etc., this will not be enough anymore once countries begin imposing their own nationals restrictions come March 29th 2019. A new international driver’s license must therefore also buy which costs £5 plus processing time

If you’re a UK citizen and want to drive in the EU, there’s one thing that will help avoid any problems when it comes time for your vehicle registration: an extra GB sticker. You can get these from National Numbers! Want to learn more about Brexit laws? Why not visit national numbers blog post here.